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TouchStar have been optimising the logistics operations of fuel, oil & gas distribution companies for over three decades. We provide systems that allow fleet managers to obtain critical vehicle-based data, much of it in real-time, that transforms the efficiency of a wide range of activities. The choice and extent of actual technology deployment is driven by you. We will conduct an initial appraisal of your operational and commercial requirements in order to construct a robust system that will serve you for the long-term. We’ll underwrite the availability of individual system components in order to minimise the negativc impact of technology changes and only supply solutions that are ‘fit-for-purpose’ in the first place.

We can combine core technologies such as GPS tracking, engine diagnostic reporting, meter & sensor interfacing, RFID etc. to ensure critical data is captured on vehicle location & operation, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, POD etc. What’s more the interface for all of this data throughput is a single in-cab device... there is no need to dangerously clutter the cab & distract the driver with separate screens, feedback panels or even phones, our device can do it all! The benefits of our system are tangible and impact positively on the commercial bottom-line as well as in areas such as driver safety & training.

The following buttons provide additional information on some of our core system components. To learn more about the financial and operational benefits of our Fuel EPOD system contact us now.

Vehicle Diagram