Tank Telemetry


Remote monitoring for LPG, fuel oil and industrial gas applications.

The Gaslog telemetry system provides continuous logging of gas and liquid levels, usage, pressure, temperature and other status information from remote locations through existing telecommunications networks.

Gaslog is engineered as a low risk, scalable, global asset monitoring system that maximises your business opportunities through:

  • Open architecture
  • Flexible and modular components
  • Direct interface with in-vehicle computer systems

The data recorded is used to track and forecast gas or liquid levels, usage and to monitor field equipment status. This allows you to optimise scheduling and routing of tank refilling and cylinder delivery, to prepare invoices based on meter readings or level changes, and notify maintenance staff of onsite repair requirements.

Gaslog allows you to differentiate your business by providing your customers with value added services such as guarantee of supply continuity.

Don’t rely on your customers to call you when their tank is nearly empty, or rely on your delivery drivers to estimate when the client’s tank or cylinders are likely to require filling. Give your customers certainty while optimising distribution costs and improving service levels.

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