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Workload Management

Connecting dispatchers and drivers creates an integrated route planning system that enables an organized solution for balancing customer needs and running a profitable business. TouchStar software allows for efficient routes to be created based on scheduled deliveries and driver availability for the day, then communicates the schedule and GPS directions directly to the driver. Dispatchers can easily enter new deliveries directly into an existing route, ensuring delivery times are met while still meeting fleet efficiency goals.

Key Features

  • Driver Task List / Worksheet
  • Multiple Day Trips/Drip Feed
  • View/Print Options
  • Updates in Real Time
  • Loading/Deliveries
  • Detailed Delivery Instructions
  • Feedback of Delivery Point Condition
  • Advance Warning Feature for Customer to Prepare Site
  • Load Planned by Compartment if required
  • Ullage Data Collection Possible
  • Recommends Compartment to Tank Delivery
  • Instant Messaging to Driver
  • On Screen Signature Capture
  • Option to print for customer
  • Exact copy sent to Office in Real Time
  • Payment Collection Options
  • Site Survey